Jaja Leemann Doula

When mothers feel heard and nourished, when their decisions are respected and babies are born and raised in harmony, the world will change.

I am Jaja

Becoming a mother is the most magical and transformative process in a woman´s life.

The births of my two sons have made me grow in a way I never thought possible. The strength I felt when I first held them in my arms is the same strength which drives me in my passion to accompany women. I believe in respect, informed decisions, free choice, trust and harmony.

My name is Jaja Leemann (Yaya), I am a doula, pre and postnatal yoga teacher, Shiatsu practitioner,  and facilitator of the DreamBirth® visualization method. I accompany women and their families in a holistic way during conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum via classes, workshops and personalised sessions. I provide them with the space they need to connect with the source of their innate wisdom and to prepare themselves for pregnancy, birth and motherhood with awareness, love and joy.

I wish for every woman to feel respected, confident and empowered when she becomes a mother, and all her family with her.

Each woman, family and birth is unique.

I have been surrounded by empowered women since my early childhood, wise women who are connected with nature. My own mother has been the most important woman in my life, she gave birth to 5 children. And even when living through great storms, she remained calm and grounded, and this nourished and transformed my 3 sisters and I into strong, powerful women. I am who I am today thanks to her, thanks to the tribe of my sisters, thanks to my father who was never able to be happy, thanks to the sheep I have walked with, thanks to the trees and rocks I have climbed in a beautiful valley on the outskirts of Prague. Thanks to Yoga which has made me release many layers of myself and open myself up to life without fear. Thanks to Shiatsu for revealing a new vision through traditional Chinese medicine. Thanks to my husband, a great adventurer, who has made me visit the most remote places in the world which also took me to the deepest parts of my soul. Thanks to our two sons who have expanded my love, more than I ever felt possible.

Thanks to all the people who I have crossed paths with at some point and thanks to all the women who have trusted me and have invited me to walk with them and their families during one of the most transformative times of their lives.

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