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Becoming a mother is the most magical and transformational process in a woman´s life. The births of my two sons have made me grow in a way I never thought possible. The strength I felt when I first held them in my arms is the same strength that drives me in my passion for accompanying women during such an important phase in their lives.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. –  Marie Curie

As a Doula, I accompany you before, during and after the birth to provide you with the space and tools you need to connect with your own source of ancestral wisdom and so prepare you for pregnancy, birth and motherhood with awareness, love and joy.

Asking your husband to be your sole guide through labor is like asking him to lead the way on a climb of Mt Everest. He may be smart and trustworthy, you may love him, but in the Himalayas you’d both be a lot better off with a Sherpa! – Pam England

How I work with women and families-to-be before the birth...
  • I listen without judgement to your family’s unique needs and wishes, so that I can offer you an authentic and personalised service.
  • I complement and work alongside healthcare professionals with my holistic knowledge and tools.
  • I can help to integrate and strengthen your partner’s role both leading up to, during and after the birth.
  • I help you find the perfect place for the kind of birth you would like; public hospital, private hospital or at home with different teams of professionals (in Mallorca).
  • I can come with you to medical check-ups and if necessary, I can translate (English, Spanish, Czech, basic German) and help you understand.
  • I can recommend other professionals offering alternative services which follow the same holistic and respectful philosophy (e.g. osteopaths, chiropractors, breastfeeding consultants, nutritional therapists).
  • I help you to work on any barriers and fears you may have about giving birth via the DreamBirth® visualization techniques.
  • I help you come up with a ‘birth plan’ and its various options, exploring the possibilities  and I help you find your ‘tools’ and resources for the birth.
  • Together we can prepare everything you need for your baby’s arrival, including a stock of food and recipes to nourish you once you have become a new mother.

You will feel prepared, confident  and supported.

How I work with women and families-to-be at the birth...
  • I’ll be on call 24-hours a day from week 38 onwards till the birth of your baby
  • Whether you give birth in hospital or at home, I will be with you from the moment you need me.
  • I offer you physical, emotional and logistical support in collaboration and in tune with your family and the healthcare professionals.
  • I help you find postures which alleviate the strong physical sensations and promote the birth process.
  • I offer techniques to provide comfort and alleviate, including massage, relaxation techniques, visualisation, breathing, essential oils, etc.
  • I accompany your partner so that he or she is not alone in this unknown territory and I help him or her feel involved and comfortable.
  • I will always respect your wishes and decisions.

I am at you and your partner’s service; the aim is to promote a harmonious and collaborative environment. 

How I work with women and families-to-be in the postpartum period...
  •  I accompany the birth of a new mother and father from a holistic viewpoint.
  • My aim is to make sure you feel heard and supported when you need it the most.
  • I can help you to discover the healing opportunity and the sacred space this period offers us.
  • I can provide advice on respectful and natural parenting based on love, compassion and respect.
  • I can help you to establish breastfeeding and can resolve any doubts or questions you have about it.
  • I can offer you tools to help accompany your new baby after his or her arrival on the earth, managing ”newborn colics”, and helping all the family to understand the process.
  • I can be there for you through different aspects of the post-partum period with DreamBirth® visualization techniques.
  • I can guide you with tips and tricks on how to take care of yourself as a new mother and promote high levels of oxytocin.
  • I help you to recover your energy by providing you with recipes and lifestyle tips.

Increasing the levels of oxytocin during the postpartum period through loving and compassionate support, helps you feel happier, joyful and more relaxed in your new role.

I wish for every woman to feel respected, confident and empowered when she becomes a mother, and all her family with her. This is why I support informed decisions and each woman’s freedom to make her own choices. If you allow me, I can be your support and guide during this transformative stage of your life and that of your family. Find out a bit more about me by reading my bio and let me get to know you at a first meeting with no obligation.

Some of the testimonials of families I accompanied

Jaja was a second Doula I met and I immediately trusted in her. Together with the carnatic singing, Jaja made feel empowered through the DreamBirth visualizations and The threshold of Birth workshop. Like this I was the one guiding the birth of my second son. It was a magical experience that I won’t ever forget and I feel very grateful for.
Elena B.
I broke my waters early without contractions, and Jaja's coaching helped me bring them on before being pressured to induce at the hospital. I genuinely believe my labour wouldn't have gone as well as it did if it wasn't for her immediate and undivided support, her passion, and her heartfelt energy. She was an important part of our monumental life event,  and I look forward to spending more time with Jaja as I learn to be a good mother from the great one that she is. With deepest thanks and gratitude!
Annie K.
She is the power of a mother. She seems to be a bottomless well of positive energy to nourish, give love and show the light of life.
Aleli M.
Jaja is light, serenity, wisdom and a great guide on the journey into motherhood.
Macu R.
It was and still is a magical and most wonderful and meaningful night to me when Joséphine was born! And this thanks to you 🙂
Anita B.