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Dream birth

Dream Birth® is a gift to the parents of the future and a much needed medicine to transform our current birth culture from fear to freedom. – Christiane Northrup, MD author of Women’sBodies, Women’s Wisdom

The DreamBirth® method is here to connect you with your inner world and allows you to be guided by your intuition as you transition through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood.

The precisely designed DreamBirth® imagery exercises open you the door into your subconscious and allow you to overcome blocks in your way, create new pathways, whilst experiencing elevated emotions and deep relaxation.

Dr. Catherine Shainberg (PhD), founder of the School of Images & world expert in Imagery, together with a team of birth specialists, created this comprehensive series of powerful visualisation exercises.

Dreambirth in conception...
  • prepares you for conscious conception
  • accompanies the process of IVF on an emotional and spiritual level
  • allows you to connect with your future baby
  • supports you in aligning with nature and its rhythms
  • harmonises you & your partner (if there is one)
  • supports the process of IVF with a donor egg addressing your beliefs

DreamBirth® helps you to prepare consciously for your pregnancy, harmonising with your partner, making your body and spirit ready to welcome new life into your family.

Dreambirth in pregnancy & birth...
  • allows you to connect and communicate with your baby throughout your pregnancy
  • help you to release any fear and false beliefs about birth
  • you’ll be able to create an easeful and beneficial birth environment for you and your baby
  • promotes optimal fetal positioning
  • helps reduce pain during labor
  • supports you in remaining relaxed and open during labor
  • offers exercises for  partners to support the mother in an authentic and empowering way

DreamBirth® enhances the growth of your unique intuition & intelligence and helps you to learn to relax and release, programming the cells of your body to support you in a gentle yet powerful experience of birth.

Dreambirth postpartum...
  • supports bonding and postpartum healing process
  • enhances milk supply and helps with breastfeeding
  • helps with the adaptation of all the members of the family

DreamBirth® invites you to tune into your baby’s natural rhythm as you bond deeply with your newborn. Feel relaxed ,supported and in harmony with your new role as a mother and your partner.

Words of Catherine Sheinberg

“Imagery is the oldest language in the world. Pre-verbal, it communicates through pictures—and it is through these pictures that the outside world is reconstructed and displayed in our minds… Since ancient times, mystics and yogis have used images to change body temperature, heart beat, even mend broken bones. Olympic athletes use visualization to win gold medals. By creating specific images in our minds, we talk to our bodies. We can train them to respond to visual cues, enabling us to access our most hidden body functions. DreamBirth®, an imagery process uniquely geared to procreation, pregnancy, and birth gives the future mother access to this power, maximizing her body’s natural abilities to conceive, carry and give birth in perfect health. DreamBirth® optimizes women’s innate ability to give birth easily, naturally and triumphantly.“

DreamBirth® works by allowing us to dream while waking. It opens us to the inner language of our own dreams, a language that existed before words, and that speaks directly to, and of, the body. When we can access the power of the imagination to assist in the birth process, we literally become transformed. This dreaming offers us a way to connect with our babies, our bodies, and our own deepest feelings.

Prepare yourself using the oldest language of imagery, the language that belongs to all of us and our bodies understand naturally. Book your free online tester session to feel if  DreamBirth® Imagery is for you.