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Holistic Sessions

It’s about being flexible and flowing with whats is, and not what was expected.

By combining a variety of different holistic techniques, which I have been developing and refining during my life and professional career, I accompany you and help you to discover and explore all your potential throughout the process of your birth as a new mother and the birth of your new family.

Prenatal sessions

The ``Get Ready`` Session

You are reaching the last few weeks of your pregnancy and you would like to have everything ready as well as make sure your body is in harmony and ready for birth.

You would like to let go of any uncertainties so that you can flow, or maybe your due date has passed, and you feel rushed and conditioned.

Through a combination of Dream Birth® visualisation exercises and Shiatsu massage I help you to find or re-establish calm and trust in the process and to connect with your baby before its arrival.


Duration 90 min

This session can be held in the comfort of your own home or at my treatment space.


Feel relaxed and powerful in the run up to your baby’s arrival.

The ``Conscious motherhood bag`` Session

Your hospital bag is packed ready for the birth and maybe it contains essential oils, music, a favourite pillow, affirmation cards… all of which is fantastic.


However, I propose preparing ”another bag” and filling it with powerful tools and resources which you will discover inside yourself and which will give you strength and confidence when you need it the most during labour… and in life.


We will identify personalised tools and techniques you can use at the birth of your son or daughter, experimenting with different breathing, visualisation and movement techniques.


At the end of the session I will provide you with a list of everything we have discussed and experienced so that you can have it with you when the big moment arrives and you will receive recordings of the visualisations we have worked on to help you flow through the process.


Duration 90 min

This session can be held in the comfort of your own home or at my treatment space.


The essence of preparing for labour is the discovery of your self.

The ``Abdominal birth (C Section)`` Session

This session is designed for future mothers who, either by their own choice or that of their health workers, will be bringing their babies into the world through an abdominal delivery. Regardless of whether this is a choice or a necessity, it continues to be an external intervention which generates a mixture of emotions.


Through a fusion of Shiatsu massage and Dream Birth® visualisation techniques, I will help your body give itself permission and feel more prepared, comfortable and secure in the run up to your baby’s abdominal birth.


After the session I will provide you with a recording of the visualisation we have worked on so that you can have it with you during the birth of your baby.


Duration 90 min

This session can be held in the comfort of your own home or at my treatment space.


Creating a harmonious and loving atmosphere for your baby’s arrival.

Session for couples ``The threshold of birth``

You have already lived through the first few months of pregnancy and the birth is getting closer and closerserene and secure support during this time can make all the difference.


This is a space where, using movement, visualisation, massage and other body techniques, you will feel a strong connection with your partner and discover the different roles you each have to play.


A transformational and enriching ritual for you both as a couple so that you can fully experience the birth of your baby as consciously as possible.


Duration 2.5 hours

This session can be held in the comfort of your own home or at my treatment space.


Individually we are one drop; but together we are an ocean. – Ryunosoke Satoro

Postpartum Sessions

The ``Earth element`` session

Your baby is now in your arms, and you will probably have a lot of questions and doubts, as well as feel a great deal of love and fear.


The Earth element’s main quality is very present at the end of the pregnancy, it is the feeling of ”whatever happens everything will be fine”.


This feeling evaporates after the birth and when the ”new mother” connects with the Earth energy again, her security, confidence and inner calm is transmitted directly to her baby.


During this session I will pass on knowledge about the Earth element’s attributes and you will experience them through various massage, movement and breathing exercises. You will understand what foods and habits can support the new balance in your life.


The tools you will take away with you will help you when you go through any infant colic or indeed any other challenging times with your baby.


Duration 60 min
This session can be held in the comfort of your own home or at my treatment space.


“Our connection with the Earth nourishes and promotes our intuition. “

The ``Closing the Bones`` ritual

A healing massage ritual to nurture, honour and deeply nourish the newborn mother.
It’s a way to create a moment of stillness in the midst of the emotional rollercoaster a new mother might experience.

On a physical level it supports the closing of the hipsreleases tension and stagnant energy around the pelvic and induces healing by encouraging blood and fluid flow.


On an emotional and spiritual level it supports the sealing and grounding of the newborn mother’s energy channels which are still directly connected to her baby.

Leaves you feeling restored, sealed, calm, peaceful, nourished and cared for.


Duration 90min
The session can be carried out in the comfort of your home or at my treatment space.
You can choose a treatment with 2 or 4 hands.
The “Closing the bones” ritual can also be very useful for concluding difficult phases in life, such as an abortion, miscarriage, divorce or the death of a loved one.


Sacred space to truly embrace the unique journey into motherhood.

The ``Birth story listening`` session

When you recall your child’s birth story do you feel confused, guilty, like you have failed or that you are not deserving?


Giving birth is a profound transformation which has the power to leave you and/or your partner feeling vulnerable, exposed and disconcerted, especially when faced with unexpected events.


Through this session I can help you use love and acceptance to unite the parts of you which were discoloured, shaken up or broken and allocate new meaning to your baby’s birth story.


Duration 60 mins

The session can be carried out online or at my treatment space.


Integrate, transform and evolve.

Conscious parenting

Do you feel confused, insecure and are you looking for answers about parenting?


I am not going to give you any instructions or tips.


I will offer you a space where you can look at yourself with honesty and authenticity and find solutions by listening to your intuition as a mother.


Duration 30 or  60 mins
The session can be carried out online or at my treatment space.


There are so many ways to raise our children as mothers in the world.

``Treat yourself Mama`` session

Through my own experience as a mother I have discovered how important it is to find a balance between giving and receiving.

Although it still surprises me, I have come to fully believe that WHEN THE MOTHER IS OK, EVERYTHING IS OK.


Through Shiatsu massage, visualisations and lifestyle tips I offer you a space to nourish, love and treat yourself.


Duration 90 min
This session can be held in the comfort of your own home or at my treatment space.


There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of a mother.