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YOGA is awareness
Yoga is to stop and flow
Yoga is to observe and feel
Yoga is strength and sensibility

Yoga during pregnancy to...
  • Help you understand the sensations going on inside your body and to connect with your intuition.
  • Increase your flexibility and strength preparing you to take an active part in the birth process.
  • Increase your body’s capacity to relax and let go.
  • Provide a space for you to share with other pregnant women.
  • Establish a place of peace and tranquillity before your baby is born.
  • Reprogramme limiting patterns and beliefs so that you feel strong, competent and prepared.
  • Small groups, personalised care.

Embracing the big changes of pregnancy through movement, breath and visualizations

Postnatal yoga to...
  • Accompany you as you discover your own strength and intuition as a new mother.
  • Give you back the space you need to take care of yourself, feel your body and nourish your soul.
  • Strengthen and stretch your new body.
  • Realign your centre, your abdominal area and pelvic area.
  • Boost your oxytocin levels, the hormone of love, peace and joy.
  • Offer a space where you feel content and so can transmit that harmony to your baby.
  • Help you to discover your baby’s body through conscious massages.
  • A place to share ideas on conscious parenting.

Respect yourself as a unique woman, honouring yourself as a mother in a protected, nourishing space filled with complicity.

I am currently teaching group classes of Prenatal and Postnatal yoga at

The Yoga Hut
Carrer de s’Escola Graduada 41
Binissalem, Mallorca

Prenatal yoga
Monday 9:30 – 11:00
Thursday 18:30 – 20:00

Postnatal yoga
Monday 11:30 – 12:45

Prenatal Yoga & Birthing from Within classes
EARTH YOGA Santa Catalina
Carrer de Despuig, 34
Thursday 10:00 – 11:30

If you prefer a private class at the comfort of your home,
feel free to contact me for more information on individual sessions.

To attend Jaja’s yoga clases during the pregnancy is the best gift we can give to ourselves in order to connect with our babies. It helped me a lot to see different possibilities for my birth and let go of fear I was holding in relation to birth. It was a great pleasure to meet her in such a special time of my life. Thank you for the peace you irradiate and the magic of your classes.
Marga Salva Salamanca
I fell very grateful for the support I received from Jaja, she is amazing, she made me feel confident with myself, loose my fears and enjoy my pregnancy.
Jaja creates a very special, peaceful space where all mums and babies are nurtured and honoured. The asana is soft and healing for new mums' bodies, and during the chats Jaja generously and gently shares her wealth of knowledge of conscious parenting. I've often seen that Sol is more relaxed after the class, and many times he's been soothed to sleep by Jaja's mantras. Highly recommended!
Emmeline Gee, Angels on Board
Jaja helped me throughout the process of my pregnancy with her classes, I could enjoy my pregnancy with consciousness and no fear, appreciating every single moment. The chance to share your pregnancy and your doubt with other mothers to be makes us strong…and Jaja is an angel, she radiates so much peace. Thank you
Margalida Ramon Llabres
Fui a las clases de yoga prenatal con Jaja durante mi embarazo. Su clases son mucho mas que simplemente clases de yoga - te ayudan a prepararte al parto, crear una tribu de madres y expandir tu horizonte y prepararte para el hecho de convertirte en madre. Ahora mi hija esta aqui y estoy muy feliz poder seguir con las clases de yoga postnatal, las cuales siguen aportando un espacio protegido, nutritivo y de mucho apoyo para las mamas y bebes en la fase tan importante de postparto. Gracias Jaja
Katie Toll
Yoga classes and much more. Jaja is pure inspiration, just meeting her makes all different. Her classes are very interesting and different each time. Can only recommend!
Marta Peitavy