The magic night when Josephine was born

The magic night when Josephine was born

The wish and vision of having a home birth in a stress free environment has become more concrete when I met Jaja.

She was the person I was looking for to give me the mental support and the confidence that my body is capable of going through this process naturally. She has accompanied me a few weeks before the birth. For preparation I have enjoyed some Dreambirth visualizations, amazingly relaxing Shiatsu massages and a few deep yoga sessions. Every service Jaja offered felt nurturing for body and mind and was very inspiring!

Photo – Aimee K Photography

I felt calm, strong and well prepared the night when my second daughter was born. The team arrived at my home, Jaja gave me an intense, warm and empowering hug. A few words were spoken, the non verbal communication was deep and clear. I felt understood and respected. The energies were grounded and loving. I could let myself drift away, it was a secure and peaceful environment. I have light candles, meditative music was playing in the background and brought me to the comfort places I have visualized before. The chanting with Jaja helped me to accept the pain of every contraction and reduce the tension. I trusted the nature and my body which I tried to support as good as I could.

Photo – Aimee K Photography

During the expulsion I felt the strong hands of Jaja I could hold on to and squeeze. She constantly affirmed me that my daughter is almost there, that she wants to come out. It was pure motivation and made me cross the limits to go into the next phase.

When my daughter was finally laying on my belly, healthy and beautiful, the meaning of love got another dimension, reflecting in the eyes of the people I was surrounded by.

I am endlessly grateful for this magical experience and to all the people who supported me on this unique journey!

Jaja gave me very helpful suggestions for the beginning phase of breastfeeding and other helpful tips regarding babies and toddlers.

I am very happy I have met Jaja and would recommend her to any woman who has the wish to experience the birth of her baby in a powerful natural way.

Thank you!

It was and still is a magical and most wonderful and meaningful night to me when Joséphine was born! And this thanks to you 🙂


Awaking the lioness that resides in each of us

When I first met  Anita, I saw a fragile, shy yet very powerful woman.  She was searching information about the possibilities of giving birth on Mallorca, where she just recently moved with her family. We talked about life,  about her passion for Africa that we both share, about her first birthing experience 2 years ago back in Switzerland and about how she envisions the arrival of her second daughter. We talked about natural birth, the love hormone oxytocin and inevitably it led us to one of the most important questions:

Where do you feel the most relaxed, safe and trusting for the birth of your baby?

Thats how we embarked together on a journey of birth preparation with all the holistic tools I learned throughout my life. It was a magical process of discovery, connection and I enjoyed seeing her growing with confidence and power.

The day Josephin was born, a new mother of 2 daughters was born and this time not wounded, this time empowered and strong to raise her 2 daughters with deep connection to her inner knowing.

I’m proud of her as I’m of every women I see bringing new life into this world no matter where, no matter how.


She might still seem fragile to you, but watch out, she is a lioness and she knows it.

Thank you universe for crossing our paths and thank you dear Anita for your trust, it was a great honor to accompany you through your powerful transformation.

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