Walking accompanied into the unknown

Walking accompanied into the unknown

I met Jaja in my third trimester after being recommended to her by another mother. Through her prenatal yoga classes in Binissalem, Mallorca, I could immediately tell she brought warmth, positivity and healing energy to all of us first-time mothers.

My husband and I knew we would benefit from more labour support so we continued to privately consult with Jaja in preparation for birth. She comes with great advice, powerful birth stories which she witnessed first-hand, and rituals that shifted my mindset from fear of the unknown to a positive outlook for the big day.

I started this pregnancy journey thinking my husband and I can probably figure things out ourselves. We later achieved a much better understanding of our partnership and individual birthing roles while leveraging Jaja’s much-needed expertise and having her by our side.

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In my case, I broke my waters early without contractions, and Jaja’s coaching helped me bring them on before being pressured to induce at the hospital. I genuinely believe my labour wouldn’t have gone as well as it did if it wasn’t for her immediate and undivided support, her passion, and her heartfelt energy.

She was an important part of our monumental life event,  and I look forward to spending more time with Jaja as I learn to be a good mother from the great one that she is.

With deepest thanks and gratitude!
Annie & David


Learning and growing together


The day I met Annie, I fell in love with her big smile and her genuine personality, only when I met her husband David, I understood, that the two of them can really have a great laugh together.

I saw two experienced and wise people, who know how to deal with life, but now standing in front of a new life experience, the unpredictable unknown of birth and parenthood. I loved the honest openness of both of them.

In our society we tend to control, plan, calculate and schedule, exactly the oposite of what birth and parenthood is. So understandably there are many doubts, questions and insecurities arising and we become novices again.

We used to live in tribes and be surrounded by mothers, fathers, kids.. thats the way we used to learn mothering,fathering skills. Nowadays many new families have to find a new way of learning, one of them can be hiring a Doula.

After Annie broke her waters, their little Sophie was still very comfortably inside and not really descending in oder to stimulate the oxytocin release needed for contractions. We met in the hospital and decided to go for a walk. We strolled through a beautiful garden shop, talking about our gardens, husbands and passions. We enjoyed a tea and some great laugh together, while Annie’s husband could take a well deserved rest.

Back in the hospital room, we tried few stretches together with breathing and visualizations to invite Sophie for descend. And she listened and initiated her journey.

Throughout the night Annie transitioned with all her strength into a full active labor. I was amazed with her determination and power as she birthed their beautiful daughter into this world as well as herself as a mother.

Thank you beautiful family for inviting me to take part in your powerful journey into parenthood. I love seeing you grow.


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